Richmond’s First LEED for Homes registered project: The Augusta Project is out of the Ground.


Richmond, VA, March 30, 2009 -- Hollyport Ventures LLC announced today that it has filed the first application for residential certification of a Richmond property under the LEED® for Homes program sponsored by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program is an initiative to promote the transformation of the mainstream homebuilding industry toward more sustainable practices. LEED for Homes is targeting the top 25% of new homes with the best practice environmental features.

Under the direction of R. Michael Cross, LEED AP, Hollyport Ventures LLC is rehabilitating a home at 4600 Augusta Ave. in the City if Richmond. This 1938 structure, built many years before most of the practices promoted by the LEED for Homes program were created, poses many challenges. The goal of the “Augusta Project” is to renovate this home to meet the Gold certification level of the LEED for Homes program. By doing so, it will demonstrate that high levels of sustainable design are achievable in simple home additions and are accessible to the average homeowner.

Key features of this project will include use of a geothermal heating, cooling and hot water system, passive solar elements, superior insulation, improved water management, efficient lighting fixtures, and other innovative design elements.

To qualify for certification, a home must be built following the guidelines set forth by the LEED for Homes program and meet stringent performance and design criteria in eight specific categories.

Hollyport Ventures LLC registers Richmond’s first LEED® for Homes project.

Michael Cross commented, “Even in the current real estate climate, we need to design for the future to ensure our homes are as energy efficient and environmentally responsible as possible. The history of this particular house makes it an outstanding showcase for the way current technologies can be used to upgrade the existing housing stock to the highest levels of performance.”

Construction will begin this spring and is expected to be complete by Fall 2009. In addition to R. Michael Cross, LEED AP, the design team will include Marty Felps, president, Delta Temp, providers of geothermal heating and cooling, John Gray, president Peak 3 Construction and Keith Whipple, waterstreetstudio, landscape architecture. Sean Shanley of EarthCraftVirginia will oversee compliance with the requirements of the LEED for Homes program. In addition to planning to meet, the LEED for Homes certification, Augusta aims to be an Earth Craft House and meet the EPA sponsored Energy Star, Indoor airPlus and WaterSense requirements.